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The Sunny Day

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The Sunny Day mountain bar pogie was the first of our designs. A tried and true pogie, it was originally designed with the winter bike commuter in mind. With mountain bikers taking their love of the trails into the winter months, the Sunny Day is a great addition to any fat bike.

The Sunny Day is constructed with a waterproof shell to protect you from the elements and a fleece inner lining to add warmth on those cold winter days. We have added a stiff, felt mid-layer into our design in order to provide the Sunny Day with the support necessary for this pogie to hold it's shape and keep it from flopping. A heavy duty snap is used to hold the Sunny Day onto you handle bar and a shock cord draw string will close snuggly around your bar to help keep out the draft. For those times when your hand start running hot, a side vent zipper is an added feature in our design allowing you to vent your hands so that every day is a Sunny Day.

Our Sunny Day retails for $120 CAN.

The Yoho


Designed with those winter commuters by day, and cross riders by night, our newly released Yoho drop bar pogie merges innovation with functionality.

The Yoho features a  waterproof outer shell with a fleece inner layer to keep those digits warm on those harsh winter rides. A felt mid-layer provides added structure to the Yoho so that it keeps going as long as you do and the 4 mm neoprene insert allows you to rest the Yoho over top of your break hood so that it won't shift while you ride.


Our Yoho retails for $120 CAN. 

The Berner


The Berner is our 5.36 L hip pack.

These packs are made of water repellent fabric and  feature a no. 7 water repellent polyester coil zipper, plastic key clip, mesh pockets and outer pocket for all of your storage needs, and a 1.5" webbing belt that extends to a max. length of 40.5".



Our Berner retails for $110 CAN.

The St. Bernard

The St. Bernard is our 4.39 L handle bar bag.

These packs are made of water repellent fabric and  feature a no. 7 water repellent polyester coil zipper, plastic key clip, mesh pockets and outer pocket for all of your storage needs, and 3 3.4" webbing ties to fasten our bag to you bike.



Our St. Bernard retails for $100 CAN.


The Rawley Chalk Bucket

Our Rawley is our 9.37 L chalk bucket.

This bucket is made from polyester twill and  features a no. 7 water repellent polyester coil zipper pocket, velcro spill proof closure and  3/4" webbing strap.


Our Rawley retails for $30 CAN.


Custom Toboggan Pads


These custom toboggan pads were first developed with our friend at Heritage Toboggans ( Designed to get you and your family outdoors and making memories for years to come, these pads take a classic Canadian pass time and add a funky twist to an original.

The custom toboggan pad is made to order to your toboggan size. Pads are constructed out of 1 inch high density foam, a 3-layer waterproof outer shell and draw strings for attaching the pad.  


Toboggan pads retail for $70-$100 CAN depending on sizing.

We Get Outdoors Vacations

I have partnered with We Get Outdoors, who share the same passion for the outdoors and
service to help you have your next dream vacation. We Get Outdoors' approach is super simple.
First, you speak to them and tell them about your dream vacation and your budget. They then find guides, accommodation, and experiences, who have the same philosophy and approach as me, and then you get to have your dream vacation.

I certainly wouldn't risk my reputation by partnering with anyone who doesn't share the same
values and passion as I do.

So, if you have a special trip in mind or want a different outdoor vacation in the future, then
contact Kat and let We Get Outdoors make your dream vacation come true. To take your first
step to your dream vacation, simply book a time HERE and talk to Kat!

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